In this Webquest parents will identify and review basic human brain anatomy, examine fundamental brain communication circuitry,  then investigate three core principals of brain development: experiences build architecture, serve and return interaction shapes brain circuitry and toxic stress derails healthy development. Parents will locate a digital photograph of their child or use a digital camera to take digital photos of their child representing these core principals then upload them with a reflective summary statement to a collaborative Word google document. Parents will review peer entries and use this digital collection to create a digital book using an on-line Realebook application.

Click on the following link to begin the lesson.



One thought on “Lessons

  1. i find this video helpful. it helps you understand how a child’s mind works and how early they start learning and picking things up. it also helps me as a young mother to say to myself ok i cant stress in front of the kids and i cant let them see how hard things are, i catch myself doing that every so often and i don’t like that so its helping me to be a better parent.

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