Thank you and congratulations to all of the families who came to Family Night! The children were delighted to share their classroom with their moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and all the special people in their lives. Every preschool child was recognized with a certificate for the amazing dispositions they display every day.

Dispositions are frequent and voluntary habits of thinking and doing. Children’s desirable dispositions, such as resourcefulness, curiosity, and persistence, can be strengthened by parents and teachers. To learn more about 3 types of dispositions, inborn dispositions, social dispositions and intellectual dispositions read the following article

Why children’s dispositions should matter to all teachers.


21st Century Skills and Sopori Science Fair

It’s time for the Sopori Science Fair. Maybe you have been helping your child with the scientific method in designing a science fair project. Read the following article “Can Learning be Engaging and Rigorous?” to see how one school takes the science fair idea to a higher level with rigorous engagement. Prepare a few questions to discuss with your child about the experiments.

Active Learning for Parents and Children

Have you ever wondered “What can children teach their parents?” Go to the Wonderopolis site to see how families can have fun learning together. Children do not learn much just sitting and listening. They must talk about what they are learning, relate it to personal experiences and apply it to their daily lives. When you and your child interact around the Wonder of the Day, you are not only having fun but participating in Active Learning!