Great questions to ask when reading a book with your child

Our preschool kids love checking out books everyday from our Make Way for Books library. What kind of questions do you ask when you read a book together? Watch the short video below to learn about questions you can ask that promote higher level thinking skills.


Green Valley News Artist in Residence

Students worked at a higher level of learning during this Artist in Residence event.  The focus of the art program was for the children to draw desert plants and landscape, which enabled them to depict specific species through analyzing growth patterns, textures and shapes.  As part of this process, the children investigated the explorations of Juan Bautista de Anza, whose expedition in 1775 went north along the Santa Cruz River, only one mile from Sopori.

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Sopori Artist in Residence

What a wonderful Artist in Residence experience we had with Artist Catherine Nash. With this school wide integrated approach, children preschool through 6th grade learned about the Anza Expedition. Children constructed their understanding of history through listening to an historical presentation, writing stories based on journals from this era, taking a simulated expedition and creating artwork to represent their new learning. Please see the video below documenting this 5 week experience.